Working with schools and early childhood centres.

How do you support schools?
How do you support early childhood education centres?
How do you ensure your support reaches the children who need it most?
How do you decide on what to provide to schools and early childhood education centres?
How do you choose what schools or early childhood education centres are added to your waitlist?
What happens in school holidays?

Donating to KidsCan.

How do I make a monthly donation?
How do I make a single donation?
How much of my donation goes to the kids?
Can I support a specific child?
Can I make a donation to KidsCan from outside New Zealand?
Will I get an automatic tax receipt for my donations?
How do I change/update my contact details?
How do I update/cancel my monthly donation?
How can I support KidsCan through payroll giving?
Does KidsCan door knock?

Getting involved.

I’d like to hold a fundraiser in support of KidsCan, what do I do?
Does KidsCan take second-hand clothing donations?
Does KidsCan take donations of new products?
I am interested in working at KidsCan, how do I apply?
Does KidsCan have any volunteering opportunities?
Where can I find more information about the KidsCan Christmas Cracker Appeal?